Hurricane Process and Procedures

Hurricane Shutter Information

  • During a HURRICANE WATCH, residents should secure your areas such as removing patio furniture, securing outdoor plants; securing any type of projectile, etc…Residents may begin to install exterior hurricane shutters.
  • During a HURRICANE WARNING, the Wellesley Board will secure the pool area and the guard-house.  The gates will be placed in the “up” position.  Guards may be permitted to leave depending on weather updates.
  • All exterior hurricane shutters must be removed 48 hours after the hurricane warning has been lifted.  However, if there is another named storm in the Atlantic, then you may leave the shutters in place.
  • Generators:  If you own a generator, please turn them OFF @ 11PM and back on @ 6AM.  If you require a generator to stay on continuously for medical reasons (oxygen, medication, etc.) please let your neighbors know as well as the property manager and board. DO NOT use generators INDOORS.  The generator must be outdoors in a ventilated area.  USE CAUTION.

Be Prepared…check list:
Prepare a “Family Plan” (secure a meeting spot incase the family is separated; flashlights for all family members; etc.)

Secure your home; if you are out-of-town, designate a neighbor to secure your patio.

Prepare a “Pet Plan” (find shelters that allow pets; have pet holders available; food; etc.)

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Review you insurance coverage.  Wellesley is not responsible for damage to your additions, such as screen enclosures, gutters (Phase I), hurricane shutters, etc.