Access to Vendors & Lenders

Vendors, Contractors & Lenders – Protocol for Gate Entry

Before allowing access to the property, in order to fully protect residents, the guards have clearly stated pre-approved protocol they must follow without exception.

1. Wellesley at Boynton Beach maintenance fees must be current. Until the fees are current, the lender and a contractor will be permitted gate access ONE TIME ONLY in order to secure the property.

  • For this one-time gate access please provide the Pre-Approved Protocol Documents Required as stated in Item 3 below.
  • Currently owed maintenance fees may be obtained from or

2. Once the property is secured with this one-time entrance, no further gate access will be permitted until the maintenance fees are paid in full. When maintenance fees are fully up to date, the following protocol will be used for entering at the gate:

3. Pre-Approved Protocol Documents Required
When the Lender Representative, any realtor or contractor arrives at the gate, he/she must have complete valid hard copy documentation from the lender in hand, every single time, or no access will be provided. 
An individual may be named on the deed as the representative of the lender,  who is the owner.

Documentation must identify property address and that bank/owner has ownership of said address and must include:

  • Statement from Owner Identifying Owner Representative
  • Statement from Owner Representative stating who has permission to access gate to property, and when that access is to be provided
  • Active valid professional license must be provided; realtor, must have active valid Realtor’s License; appraiser, must have valid active Appraiser License, contractor, must have valid, active Contractor License.
  • Valid Driver’s License
  • A business card to leave at the gate would be helpful
  • Digital copies of letters, licenses, etc, will not be accepted at the gate 

If any of the specified documentation is missing, or does not comply in any way, the owner must have a statement from the Wellesley Board that allows the noncompliance before admission at the gate is permitted. The guards are bound by their pre-approved printed protocol statement.

NOTE: Banks and bank representatives are to be treated as contractors with temporary access through the Guest gate.